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Expecting a baby? One of the unique challenges an expectant mother comes across before the big day is the choosing of baby clothes. You need to consider two major factors that will eventually affect your options. One will be the fact that babies can get messy so changing clothes often is inevitable and two, babies grow out their clothes really fast. There are quite a lot more factors to consider, but we will tackle the number one factor to decide on, which is the shop or actual method of purchasing the baby clothes. This is important especially for career moms who don’t have that much time and those moms who can’t do much effort in their current pregnancy. But did you know that in Australia, according to the 2015 Roy Morgan Research on the new State of the Nation spotlight, people have spent an estimate of $37.8 billion for online shopping? And the category of retail clothing came in second place for being the most purchased product online. With this fact, buying baby and kids clothes collection at Tiny People and other online clothing sites is your best bet to getting the perfect layette for your newborn.

Here are some top tips for buying the right baby clothes for your new bundle of joy:

1. Buy Gender-neutral baby clothes. Since your baby’s growth is very fast, these newborn clothes need not be specific as to the gender of your child. You need to prepare these kinds of clothes even before your child is born so you’re prepared when he or she comes.

2. Don’t buy a lot of clothes when you haven’t delivered the baby yet. Only the basic layette is needed. You can buy gender specific clothes after a month that your baby arrived to save some expenses and get the accurate size.

3. But when you have already bought a lot of clothes and you’ve discovered that they’re too big for your baby, don’t remove the tags yet. If your baby really doesn’t fit them, you can still return the clothes and ask for replacements.

4. When buying baby and kids clothes collection at Tiny People and other online clothing sites, choose the ones with press studs over those with zippers or buttons. These are easier to handle and are much more comfortable for your baby.

5. Babies don’t prefer t-shirts that go over their head and this makes dressing up much less enjoyable. Go for clothing that can be worn with the baby lying in bed or those with front openings. If you must buy a t-shirt, go for the ones with a gartered or expandable necklines to go over the baby’s head.

6. Buying separate pieces (shirts and pants) of baby and kids clothes collection at Tiny People and other online clothing sites may need to be avoided, especially for the newborns. Go for onesies to help the healing of the newborn’s umbilical cord with the waistband.

7. For special baby outfits for the time you need to visit relative’s houses, go to social gatherings, having a family picture taken and the like, buy at least two of those. You can splurge on two of these items of baby clothing since it is quite inevitable for the other piece to get ruined by how messy your baby can get. Since they just need to look presentable once or twice a month, no need to buy more than two for practical reasons.

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