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When you are on a holiday or business tour, you must look for an accommodation that is centrally located. Such accommodation is always considered beneficial rather than the one which is far off from the city central. It is for this reason, normally tourists look for a Bangkok hotel near shopping centers because they can have very convenient access to the hotel.

Utilities of hotels located in the city center:

Normally, tourists would choose hotels that are located near the bus stand or metro services. Further, tourists would also look for hotels located very near to the shopping arcades or malls. By staying in hotels located in such strategic places, it helps you in having access to public utility services like the banks, restaurants, and so on. Of course, in Bangkok you can find several hotels that are located in the heart of the city.

Reasonable rental:

There is a general feeling among tourists that such centrally located hotels have a higher rental. Of course, in the normal course, this inference appears to be true. But, there are some Bangkok hotel near shopping malls and arcades, which are available at a reasonable rental.

In fact, there are a few hotels that are located in the heart of the city and in such popular areas like the Ploenchit road and also near the sky train services. Interestingly, there are also hotels near popular malls. These hotels have a reasonable rental pattern. In fact, some of the hotels are located at a walking distance from some of the shopping areas.

Some of the salient features of any Bangkok hotel near shopping malls and bus stand and sky train service stations are briefly explained here:

·        These hotels offer comfortable and spacious accommodation. The rooms are provided with comfortable furniture and every other utility like the air conditioners, music system and television. In addition to this, the rooms also provide other utilities like the Telephone, WiFi with computers and various such other facilities.

·        Being located in the heart of the city, you would enjoy convenient 24 hour access to the hotel. Apart from this, normally hotels also provide you free pick up and drop service to the airport.

·        The hotels, although located in the heart of the city, offer you quiet and entertaining environment where you can enjoy your stay in absolute privacy. The hotels also provide you various other services like Gym, Spa, walking path, swimming pool and so on. In fact, some of the hotels also have facilities for games like volleyball, basket ball and such other games.

·        As you may be aware, Bangkok is a popular tourist spot, and therefore, you also find several hotels, which offer a wide range of continental food.  In Bangkok, you find exclusive Chinese, Asian and European hotels.  Naturally, by staying in a hotel in the heart of the city, you will enjoy the benefit of a wide range of choice of hotels for you to dine.

Book your accommodation in advance:

Considering the number of tourists visiting Bangkok, tour operators suggest that you should book your accommodation sufficiently in advance. You may book your accommodation through any other of the authorized tour operators, or you can book your accommodation online as well. Some of the hotels also offer you discount; therefore, look for a star hotel which offers the best price.

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