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Do you know anyone who has an eating disorder? If you do, perhaps the bulimia treatment Sydney therapists have been offering, is your best option for healing and recovery.

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Bulimia nervosa is a condition characterised by overeating followed by self-induced vomiting or consumption of laxatives agents. Individuals who have this disorder are reported to consume food three to four times more than the usual amount because of the temporary emotional relief it offers. However, this behaviour often triggers guilt which leads to an attempt of eliminating food contents just to avoid weight gain.

Although anyone can suffer from this condition, young women from ages 15 to 25 are commonly afflicted. Bulimia is generally associated with numerous mental problems. Therefore, a programme for bulimia treatment in Sydney can also aid in overcoming depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, loneliness, physical and psychological trauma, and emotional distress particularly after losing a loved one. Meanwhile, research also posits that genetics and family attitude towards food consumption does play a part in the development of this ailment.

You or a loved one may have had this condition for several years already, but the sooner you seek help the lesser the damage will be on your body. Avoid long-term side effects and be treated as soon as possible.You may visit

How does this affect your whole family?

Bulimia does affect the entire family. Hence, the bulimia treatment Sydney therapists are providing must need to get every relative actively involved in counselling. Loved ones may find it hard to understand that eating disorders are not just about food and that it is also about emotional instability and failed coping mechanisms. Often times, these misunderstandings may result in arguments and rifts in the relationship. On the other hand, bulimia poses a threat to the physical well-being of the person afflicted. This too may become a major concern for other family members.

Can one recover from bulimia?

The answer is, in fact, yes! With Sydney bulimia treatment and counselling, you can overcome bulimia and return to a normal and full life. This is entirely possible even if you have been suffering for several years. If you do feel unsure about getting help though, remember that with professional treatment, you can fully recover within just a few months.

How does treatment work?

It is highly important that you look for a specialist you can handle both the physical and mental aspect of this disorder. Ask your general practitioner for any therapists and counsellors that he or she may recommend. Depending on your condition, this may lead to either an outpatient or inpatient treatment. The bulimia treatment Sydney specialists offer will also require your family and friends to join in as support throughout the process.

Therapy sessions would range from dietary counselling, family therapy, psychotherapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT. All these are needed for the reduction of symptoms and reintegration of the patient into society. If you need help to find Sydney bulimia treatment, you may refer to specialists such as those from BodyMatters.

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