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Travel experiences come in different ways, through different styles of accommodation. Some people prefer grand luxurious hotels while others choose to stay in small size cottages or bed and breakfasts. However, in between the five or four-star hotels and BBs, a class of accommodation exists that offers equally nice and stylish accommodation. This category includes the boutique hotels. Read on to find out why you should choose a boutique hotel in Samui, and why you could change your next travel plan!

Compared to bigger and luxurious hotels, boutique hotels are smaller. Experts in the hospitality industry suggest that a boutique hotel can contain 100 rooms or slightly more. If you want to experience the feel of a boutique hotel in Samui, expect the following benefits.

A boutique hotel comes with a local feel

Regardless of the size, a boutique hotel in Samui gives you a relaxing environment that reflects life in the city. The food you eat, the people you meet, as well as surrounding all display a local feel. Most boutique hotels in Samui have spacious dining halls and spacious rooms for accommodation. In addition, many boutique hotels have shopping blocks around them and offer tight security for their guests. In the end, your dream of enjoying a vacation in a luxurious manner comes true by booking a boutique hotel, which is more cost-effective.

It brings rare experience

As a visitor, you want to acquire as much experiences as possible during your visit. This depends on the type of accommodation you have during your vacation as well as the areas you visit, and the activities you engage in during your stay. By booking a boutique hotel, you get a rare experience of personalized service, which rarely exists in other styles of accommodation.

Boutique hotels offer luxurious accommodation

Previous customers to boutique hotels believe that there is a cozier feel to small-scale hotels because they are not chocked with too many visitors at the same time. In the end, each visitor has a sense of personal space in an environment that has fewer strangers.

Boutique hotels are relatively newer

While other accommodation facilities exist, boutique hotels are considered a recent kid in the block in the industry. Together with exceptional services they offer, many visitors are geared towards such facilities. People love what is new and that is why the hotels attract many visitors.

They offer upscale design

Boutique hotels embrace modern architectural design in their buildings. It is also possible to find buildings that embrace vintage design and d├ęcor to appeal to customers that love that category. In the end, many customers choose to book a boutique hotel in Samui to experience the intimate atmosphere and great facilities that they offer.

While they may not be as luxurious as the grand five-star hotels, boutique hotels also have their share of a fulfilling vacation. In Samui, you can conduct a prior research to determine which facility best meets your requirements.

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